Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Year of Good Things - 9/366 - Buckley and the Chickens

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A good thing for my spirit and soul is touching base with nature. I am not the hiking type (trust me)...I am the 'slow stroll by a beautiful lake' kinda gal. Today the boys and I went off to a local spot called Buckley Falls to admire some pretty special scenery. The falls form part of an old paper mill and the water comes out just below the blue stone building. (I would link to Wiki for you, but the site is down in protest).

Our good deed for today was taking in two chickens who someone no longer wanted - and, to be blunt, who were treating them badly. Today was spent trying to get these lovely black and green ladies into our coop and then welcomed out of the coop to free range with our little flock. The newbies were cage ladies so are fearful of everything out in the open (you can barely handle them and they are even scared of sparrows) and they don't seem to know how to peck and forage...but I am sure they will work things out. There are much 'pecking order' shenanigans going on and our own gals don't seem enthralled with the idea of their huge space being invaded, as there is much bustling on the best roost position tonight. I have to say watching these girls sort each other out is quite interesting...and entertaining.


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