Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Year of Good Things - 8/366 - Clean Up Australia & Florence


Pip gave us a little pep talk today about taking the 'Year of Good Things' one step further - and rather than basking in our own grateful glory, to actually give some good back. So I asked the kidlets if they would like to take their 'claw toy' to our local wetlands and we'd walk around and pick up rubbish. Of course they lept at the chance to make the wetlands clean. And while we were there we had a ball - the kids were horrified at how much rubbish there actually was (and we were amazed that they'd never actually noticed it!). Half an hour of picking up rubbish, kids fighting at the bit to pick up the next piece and two parents tired from laughing left us with...fighting ducks. Yep, two ducks were not happy chappies today. Their shenanigans made us laugh even more. Sorry about the a la crappola photos - I took three shots before my camera battery packed up...


Now that I know doing a good thing actually means doing a good turn, I have to say that my take on 'good' is a little different. I am going to try and do good turns from hereon in, but I also wanted to continue to focus on what I think is good...and the people who made such positive impacts in so many ways. Florence Broadhurst never failed to be herself - well, she lied about everything under the sun, including the place she was born and her parentage, but I have to say she remained truthful to her 'design' ethic that she found after returning from Englan right up until the day she died. Some of her designs will be around for hundreds of years, I am sure. I admire her for this strict adherence to gorgeous design - in fact, I gladly thank her for her 'good thing' - her design legacy.
Photobucket Florence Broadhurst advertisement, as displayed in House and Garden magazine, September 1973.

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