Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Year of Good Things 12/366 : Summer Holidays

The 2011-2012 Summer school holidays are almost at an end. The end of grade two for Logan seems a million light years ago. And Christmas morning, just one month ago, is a distant memory. This last six weeks has been spent zipping around the countryside, in the water, sliding down huge slippery slides, picking fresh fruit and lazing about. I loved my school holidays as a kid in the 70s...I hope my boys enjoy these weeks just as much as I did!


Today we took off to Melbourne Zoo to generally sloth about and stroll around the grounds to view animals (of course!). The giraffes were a highlight for the youngest, the reptile park was adored by the eldest and the oldies loved the orangutans and the white-faced gibbon. Is there anything more cuter than a baby orangutan? Gosh, I could cuddle one for a lifetime...

And, yes, I am still addicted to Instagram. I am sure I will return to regular photographic programming soon...ahem.

Have a fabulous week!

Good Thing - Summer Holidays
This Good Thing is For : Kids!

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