Monday, 16 January 2012

Vintage Fabric Love - 1947 - fabric swatches


Did I tell you I have become a student again this year? Yep, well, I have. I am studying Ness' Bachelor of Modern Textile History. Well - I would be if such a course existed. But I can't find one, so I am creating my own. One of my first stops is my American Fabrics collection and I am currently on Volume 3, 1947.

In my time researching fabric and textile I am learning so much it's not funny. More to come on that over time (such as the correct name for 'barkcloth'). For now, these photos of tiny swatches from  1947 are here for your casual viewing...


Above: Well, this looks interesting. Rabbit hair. Hmmm - could I wear rabbit hair in this day and age? Perhaps not, I am thinking - although I do love a bit o' bling fabric like the one above.


Above: Nutria? What on earth is nutria? Mink I know - but nutria sounds like a facial cream. So I had to look it up. Oh goody - it's a river not lovely.

Photobucket Photobucket

Above: This little piece caught my eye. How is that dainty bird design? Just gorgeous. So of that period.

I have a lot more prettiness to show you in the weeks ahead...stand by!



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