Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Year of Good Things - 10/366 - Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


Today was all highs and stepping outside comfort zones. It started off with a bungee jump or two for the kidlets. Both were nervous, but determined. Both dominated their fears and got in the harness. And then both proceeded to leap and twist and twirl in all manner of directions...


Please note I officially saw people playing ball games, riding skateboards, riding bikes anywhere and everywhere, walking mutts hither and thither and also driving (and biking) faster than 5kph. These peeps were definitely living life on the hardcore side...according to this sign.

...and then our day ended up in a night ride around this mighty wheel. I was nervous as I am not entirely a fan of heights (I am a totes bad flier). And even though there were a couple of moments I was sure we were going to die and the carriage was going to fall apart, I mostly felt giddy (with excitement)...and exhilarated by the view (and feeling 15 again).

Good Thing - step outside your own comfort zone!

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