Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Vintage Love - The 1940s Glamazon vs the 1960s burlesque

I adore both of these images. The one above is a Hoffman fabric advertisement from 1947 American Fabrics and the one below is from Man Magazine, 1964. Both show a side of women not common of the time (well - there has always been nudity!). But I think both pieces depict the different eras of women and how they were portrayed. The strong 'glamazon' was huge in Hollywood and general advertising in the 1940s. Then we get to the prim and proper 1950s housewife with undercurrents of unhappiness. And then we see our burlesque queen below, coy and daring. Both women are wrapped in gorgeous fabric and both are just so beautiful in their own eras and times.



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