Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Year of Good Things - 7/366 - Change

Usually there is nothing better than slothing at a park and enjoying a game or two with the kidlets. You know the usual here in Australia - kicking the footy, chucking the ball, playing an over of cricket. Usually I sit aside and let the boys run amok with each other....Daddy and the boys, all playing and having fun. Today I sat aside to read Frankie magazine. And that's where the usual good thing stopped for me. You see, I have Frankie popped aside at my local newsagent for me every two months (since I let my subscription lapse). I had forgotten to pick up the last issue and the lovely peeps at the newsagent called yesterday to let me know I had the new copy - and the old issue - to pick up. So I drove past yesterday and picked up both mags and promptly shoved them in my satchel.

And forgot about them.

Then, when we were off to the park, I though 'hurrah - I'll take my Frankie's' and read them lazing about in the sunshine.

But I didn't. 

I have to now admit to myself I think my love for Frankie is on the wane. Why oh why, I beseech you? I have no idea myself. All I know is that I forgot to purchase two months ago, forgot to read them last night and then flicked through them today and got a 'meh' from my brain.

Oh dear.

But then it struck me how good change is. Something has changed in my life for me to move on to something different and exciting. And that is a really good thing, I think. I adore Frankie, but when it's time to move on, it's time to move on.

I am sorry, Frankie love...but my good thing today is change. I now need something different to feed my soul. Sad, but true....and that is a good thing for me, I think.

Good Thing - Change is for the better - a new door always opens for you!
This Good Thing is For : Me!


  1. I too have a stack of the last 4 issues that I have not even opened, not even peeked inside or even paid attention to what is even on the cover. My love affair is most def over with Frankie but I am not sure why. PS remaining anon because I have a retail shop and my customers are big Frankie fans.

  2. Thank you for visiting the blog. I feel for your stray Frankie magazines...but I love the fact you know there's change in the wind, too! Have a fabulous weekend...cheers, Ness

  3. I've not read Frankie, you have my interest though! And yes...change is good. Change is always good.