Friday, 27 January 2012

Fumbling through the Instagram haze...


I am now on Instagram. Yep, sure am. Have no bloody idea how to use the thing, yet...have taken a couple of random shots and stuck them up somewhere on the web. Have no real idea where - or how - or what - I have done. I am sure I will work it out. From memory I am 'vintagefabrics' - or maybe not! But I plan to take random shots during the day of what we get up to etc...mainly to do with Retro Age, but other things may pop in, when we decide to buy some fish and below...

You may think I have changed this photo in some way. You know - put a 70s look on it. But, no - that's what my local 'hood looks like.My 'hood is stuck in another time...hence why I like it so much.

I am sure I'll work out how to do noice things with Instagram. For now, it's weekend time...and that means we all have to relax and lay like broccoli, do some things we want to do and generally chase life a little bit more...

Have a great weekend!


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