Sunday, 21 February 2010

American Fabrics magazines for sale - number 37

When I bought my giant collection of American Fabrics magazines last year I received six doubles. I have finally gotten around to photographing them today and shall be putting them onto the website in the next 48 hours.

These photos are from the Summer 1956 magazine - number 37. The others I will have for sale are Fall 1956 - number 38, Spring 1959 - number 46, Winter-Spring 1964 - number 63, Winter 1964-1965 - number 66 and Spring 1965 - number 67.

These magazines are huge - a whopping 28cm x 36cms and most are around 100 pages. They have swatches of real fabric throughout and wonderful articles on fibers, trends of the day and designers - they are an excellent resource for those of you who are in fashion or textiles...

I am selling the magazines for the price I paid for them - $40 each. The postage will be the same as any other order via the website - $2 Australia-wide or postage/packaging costs for international orders.

If you're interested in seeing extra shots of each edition, let me know - in the mean time, I shall upload them onto the website and feature the editions singularly on the blog. This particular edition - number 37 - has a features on rayons, colour coordination in rayons, Indian fabrics, Arnel (manufacturer), textile maintenance, creativity, Donald Brooks, Stefan, Shannon Rodgers, Gif Johnston, beautiful fabrics, art from ancient lands, Paris styled blouses for America, a new direction in zippers, all-silk chiffon, acrilan blankets, Dixie Mercanizing Company, vinyls which breathe, fastion factors etc.

It has been a hot weekend so I am very thankful for the cool breeze this evening. It has been another busy weekend - but one of those weekends where you never complete what you want to get done! I must plot out this week tomorrow and keep myself on a timeline - otherwise I know the week will ebb away!

Have a lovely week, everyone!

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