Monday, 1 February 2010

Changes to the progress


We have been listening to customer feedback regarding the website matrix and navigation we have decided to update website navigation to (hopefully) make it easier for you all to look through the fabric inventory. We have a lot of fabric on the site and our aim is to get much, much bigger...

We have now split out main category by decades as well as design style - so you can click on 1950s atomic, 1960s psychedelia, 1940s florals etc. The sub category will then be by fiber - cotton/rayon, synthetic/blends and also drapery/upholstery - or some specials, like silk or velvet.

The big change will take a while, but I think you'll like it in the end. I am updating each listing with embedded photos that will be large and detailed (and not clickable - yay!) and the listings will each have era, colourway and fiber listed so you can use the search box easily...

Phew. Lots done and much more to do! Don't forget our $50 giveaway - click on the icon in the top right corner - only 48 hours to go!

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