Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Whirring, whirring, whirring...

Apparently you tape broken toes to it's 'sibling'. I just found that out via Dr Google. As I have a horrid feeling I not only dislocated my toe, but broke it. It is worse than Sunday or Monday and I am now truly hobbling. Apparently they don't have little toe casts. I dare say they would be too cute for the medical world...

Lots on here at Retro Age. The sewing machine is now out 24/7 and in our study. I have collected all of the bobbins and thread from the estate sales pieces I have collected over the years - lots and lots of cottons and sewing bits and pieces. I am thoroughly enjoying myself - especially with some music on!

I put some new arrivals up onto the site today - the photos are just some of them - for the complete new arrival collection view here.

PS. I watched the Trishna and Kirsha documentary last night. Once again I was reminded how very, very special Moira Kelly is. I have long admired her - she is one of our angels, don't you think? She gives me so much faith humanity is still strong, full of love and compassion...and those little girls are just adorable!


  1. Oh Vanessa - poor you! I hope your toe gets better and there is less of the hobbling.

    I hope its not on your sewing foot!

  2. That last photo really grabbed me. The colors are beautiful together. I found my way over from Vintage Girlfriend.
    Winged Writer

  3. Hi Catherine - I am glad you found me and that the vintage fabric colours spoke to you...

    Yes, Prue - can you believe it??? Non-sewing foot, but, sheesh - it's not getting better too quickly, I can tell you!