Thursday, 25 February 2010

A new beginning at the back shed

It's a fresh new start for the back quarter of our back yard today. We had it all cleared (apart from the apple and plum trees) to make way for brand new vegie beds, a large chicken coop and a large compost area. I took these shots at dusk.

This is the corner behind the old shed - a deceptively large space. We've decided to keep the shed instead of replacing it with a new steele thing - we're going to paint it and fix the roofing. All of the windows are in perfect nick and the wood is fine as it's raised on its own slab. This corner is where the raised chicken coop will be - and the compost area.

We'll clean the shed up - I am debating whether to paint it white with a retro trim. Don't know why I want white - white in the garden is a no no...but the space oozes a white quaintness. We'll see. I can also see it's own water tank somewhere - but just don't know where, yet!

This is the other side of the garden - this is where the raised vegie beds will be. We want to start slow but build up and plant as much as we can. I honestly can't wait to get stuck into it. I'll be covering most of the fences with railing for beans and peas and anything else that wants to grow!

Just found this magazine, too - Green. Does anyone read it? It looks fabulous on the site - I can't believe I haven't come across it before...

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