Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What would you say to the future you?

I just received the Sorted email and, as usual, there was lots of great information on how to sort out the clutter in your life.

There was one part in particular that I am interested in. There is now a website called Future Me - it's where you're able to email yourself a message and it will be delivered on a date in the future nominated by you. So, if you want to remind yourself about life, goals, happiness etc you can do it this novel way!

I am crashing some goals this year - since getting the right drugs to treat my stomach issues I have found a new energy and motivation. The software that helped me do it is Goalscape. I love this software so much I have put a banner link on the top of my blog - and anyone who knows me knows I never do that! Have a look at it - if you're goal driven and want to achieve some specifics, this may be the perfect software for you!

Or email the Future You to have a look at Goalscape at some stage :)

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