Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Atomic niceness & disappointment

Went to see the financial advisor to get ourselves all sorted for the next year. Fab. Then on to tax man at end of week. More fab.

The fabric is always a ray of sunshine, though. I photographed 20 more pieces to pop onto the website over the next few days. I managed to get just one up today - a lovely 1960s cotton crepe with modern atomic shapes. Lots more to come tomorrow.

There was a little disappointment today - slight embarrassment, actually. I recommended an online store - quite a well known one - to a friend who has been hesitant purchasing online. But when she saw the store and the stock she just couldn't resist, so she ordered that day. She left work early to pick her parcel up from the post office, drove home like a mad-woman and settled herself on the couch to open the parcel from the store I recommended - to savour the moment. She opened an envelope to cut cardboard wrapping and a piece of scrunched tissue paper surrounding her purchase. No thank you note. No business card. Nothing personal at all. Her purchase was okay, but the customer service was very disappointing to her and she won't shop there again.

I feel like a total dill for recommeding the store - but that's the thing with online, isn't it? Your experience is at the envelope end...not as you walk through the store door.

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