Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vintage fabric website changes #2


It has been all systems go at Retro Age. Justin was ill today so we weren't as productive as what we would have liked - nonetheless, we have got a lot completed.

Stage one of the website navigation bar is almost complete. All of the fabrics are now sorted by design (not era and design) and then the sub categories are basically fiber. Thus far is looks as if customers are enjoying the clustered designs - most of the orders we received today were from the same category and style!

Stage two is just beginning - and it shall be a long stage, methinks. I have altered our listing template to embed our photos in the listing - so no more photos opening seperately - yay! There is also a lot more information in the listing. When our search functionalility is fully built customers will be able to search by era, design, colour, size, print etc etc. Yay for that, too - but, sheesh, it's going to be a lot of work to update our current listings! The new listing is like this. Do you likee?

This is just the start of our changes for 2010 - it's going to be a wonderful ride!

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