Sunday, 14 February 2010

Is there any way back from 3D?

Justin took me on a date today - Valentines Day and all that (even though we don't do the Valentines thing!) We went to the movies on one of those rare just the two of us - no kids! - outings and saw Avatar in 3D. I don't know whether it was the popcorn or the lollies or motion sickness but I was ill half-way through. We sat in row three to get the full 3D impact so perhaps I was too close to all that impressive 3D action. I was so impressed the world seemed 'flat' when we left the cinema....more 2D than our real 3D world. I felt the same way after seeing The Matrix in Bourke St, Melbourne - I remember walking through Chinatown at 10pm spooking myself out about whether I was in The Matrix and what was real. Silly me.

I have had to be off my feet for the last couple of days as my broken toe isn't healing and I've had to strap it etc. So things have been a little quieter. Back to sewing class tomorrow - so much away to get ready for it! Class comes around very, very quickly - wish the weekend was like that! I have to get a handle on these overlockers - man, are they fast suckers!


  1. My partner and I and the kids saw Avatar yesterday, but chose to see the 2D version for that very reason. I can't even watch the kids 3D DVD's without feeling a little motion sickness.

    But wasn't it a great movie? I loved the landscape.

  2. I loved the movie! I was so taken with the colours and details...I wish our world was like that in the evening :)

    I think part of it may have been the motion sickness - I must remember it for next time I think of seeing 3D!