Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The sewing bug

Methinks I have been hit by the sewing bug. I am learning so much at sewing class I am no longer laughing - I am so surprised at how much there is to know! I sewed up a storm last night and thoroughly enjoyed creating.

We are continue to clear our backyard for our new vegie patch and we're taking a good deal of time to ensure the soil is nourished. We're just about to order our new herb seeds from Eden Seeds. We're going organic from the start to ensure our herbs, fruit and vegies get the best possible start. Once we start sowing I'll take some shots of our little lovelies in their little glass house...

Oh - and ever wondered what you can do with your meat trays you get at your local butcher or supermarket?? I just found out I can donate them to my local animal welfare agency as that's what they use to feed the cats and dogs with - so I have found another (recycling) use for another 'throw away' packaging! My first impulse is no packaging, but where that's the only option at least now you'll have somewhere to donate it to!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for you Ness! Maybe there will be more fabrics staying home ;)
    Note on the trays, our school takes them for the artroom. :)