Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Great Website Update of 2010 - *We. Are. Tired*

Well - talk about work non-stop today. No rest for those wicked enough to migrate website stock around the joint. No, siree. We successfully migrated the LOT over to a 'All Fabric' collection - however, our number of products displayed per page has dropped around 400 products per page are coming up at the moment! Orders are still coming through so some of you must have internet-faster-than-a-speeding-bullet! We'll hopefully get this corrected over the next couple of days...

The hard part is migrating the fabrics into seperate categories - that is going to take a lot of time. Even if we do 50 per day we'll be at it for three weeks. Some have slotted in really well - especially the era collection as we already had our old information from our previous website set-up, but the fiber and weight is going to slowly. kill. us. We have to do this part manually - bolt by bolt - so you can imagine what we'll be doing for a while :)

Because of all of thiz our navigation bar looks awfulllllllll...but that will be fixed up with the new design and no use wasting time now cleaning it up. I think you'll enjoy the fossick just for a little bit!

On top of this we have something special coming your way and we are still uploading...phew...I think I need a lie down!


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