Friday, 5 November 2010

It's all up in the air...

Well, we're internet-less. Yes, that's right. Well - not completely. We're on sloooooo-moooooooo, but surely that doesn't count as internet these days? Thanks to our wonderful internet provider we have no line coming into the business. And they were supposed to fix this within 24 hours. Yep. Just like ebay was supposed to refund me more than $100 of inaccurate fee charges six weeks ago. I have been told 24 hours so many times in past weeks I no longer believe any company. Nope.

But we are still working and dealing with this little glitch as well as we must - it's one foot forward and none backwards around these parts. I have so many lovely fabrics to upload today, like the beautiful piece pictured above. I told my son it was Hogwarts - I couldn't help myself. But it's Fontainbleau and it's beautiful and I want to keep it...but I can't. It's for a special buyer out there who loves unique fabrics...and it's coming your way today!

PS. Internet gods - can you please get our internet back ASAP? Thank you.
PPS. Ebay gods - can you please refund our fees you took incorrectly? Thank you.
PPPS. Patience gods - can you please help Ness through these trials and give her more patience to drink? Thank you.

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