Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Side swiped by le laptop...


Well - that was interesting. I had forgotten what it was like to be side-swiped. I think the last side swipe I had was when I thought a crab stick almost killed me, only to be told I had gallstones. That was very memorable, indeed...

Today the side swipe was le laptop. Yes, that's right. My laptop. One moment I was viewing and sorting photos getting ready for a day of listing new arrivals and the next second I couldn't see my photos very well. Yikes, thought I, my camera is faulty! So in we go to camera man who says camera isn't faulty, is bloody good, and perhaps check my videocard/screen on ye olde laptop. We come back, check le laptop and, sure enough, the laptop is in the laps of the Gods...of broken computers. Our desktop is still fine, but le laptop is the work horse and mine. So....there was nothing for it, but to send my better-half-IT-tech-man to work.

So now I have a gaming machine being set up and configured...yes, a gaming machine. Cos apparently when your computer dies you get the zingiest, zappiest, biggest cretin you can find - top-shelf-scotch-stuff. So that's what he did. The monitor is bigger and...ahem...*slimmer*...than me and apparently I could play internet games on this thing for a lifetime and still not slow down. Pity I don't play internet games, I say. Apparently the salesperson guffawed when Justin said it was just for photos and our website bizo. Yes - he laughed. And so did Justin. But he's a computer nerd so what else would I trust him to buy...as he said, he could have walked away with his old Valiant re-magged (but cool) or purchased the Porshe so I could work with a computer that can be upgraded and last years. Okay, I see what he means...but still...can the broken stuff no begone from this entire household? First we had the Optus internet dongle days, then we had the camera days and now I have a computer I should drive.

Puh-lease - enough, I say!

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