Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Running the gauntlet with vintage fabric birds...


Things are not 100% today, but it's a major step forward to yesterday! The new schebang computer is still being populated with software, files etc - so I can't use it yet. Boo hoo, I say. I love my laptop (I was sad to see it hang up it's slimline boots) and thought I would miss it, but eyeing off that 24" black monitor is making me drool. Me wantee, now.

So - today I am running the photographic gauntlet. I have taken pics of around 30 pieces and will be spending some time this afternoon uploading them to the website - lots of them are of birds, so I must have be having a bird day, today. I hope the colours and everything else is right with them, as my laptop is not displaying them very well and the desktop is being used to migrate files to the newbie computer. The photos won't be as big as they are here...I am reducing them, like below...


Now I can't wait to work with a newer computer - if for no other reason than I won't have my cluttered desktop on this one! It's like decluttering the computer, I think....except it's a brand new one, so I want to behave myself and file everything correctly. I can never be bothered filing everything correctly. Oops - there I said it. I am a...ahem...slighly messy person. Oh dear.

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