Friday, 26 November 2010

I want my lace to be beautiful


I am trying to live in the moment more - but also planning for future strategies. That is quite a difficult thing to do, as you're constantly thinking of the future while trying to remain grounded in the present. But I am here.

I want to make my life a masterpiece - something I am so proud of. It got me to thinking of the lace analogy - imagine if your life was reflected in lace...every move you made, every path that you took, was a knot or a twist on the hook...the start of a spiral, a border etc. I would love my lace to look spectacular if it reflected my life...

I am hoping Retro Age will be a beautiful part of my life-lace. My life is hectic at the moment as so much is changing here - and poor Justin has been battling hayfever and asthma - but we are getting through things one piece at a time. Little lace knots are the best, I feel...

Images from American Fabrics magazine, 1953.



  1. Hi,
    Lovely Illustrations and such nice sentiment.
    Similar to life as being a great journey not
    just the destination.
    From one lace lover to another;)

  2. Thank you, Sue - I agree it's the wonderful journey (pattern) that's the most important part...not just getting to where you want to go!

    Have a lovely weekend...