Sunday, 7 November 2010

Well, that was embarrassingly easy....



Today I decided to make my first ever batch of homemade cordial. Cordial is an 'every now and then' drink in this household - the kids love water and milk, but the occasional cold 'cordy' (as our youngest calls it) does hit the spot.

So I bought me some fresh oranges at a local market, squeezed the life juice out of them (one litre), took the rind off two of them and then gently boiled one litre of water with one kilo of raw sugar to make the sugar syrup. Then it was all mixed together, allowed to cool and then strained into a bowl before being bottled. It keeps for a month in the fridge AND you can replace orange with any fruit you like - mango, lemon, raspberry etc. It is such a rich, deep orange colour -and the cordial is more like a light syrup than that stuff you buy in supermarkets. I have come to the conclusion supermarket cordial is just flavouring and colouring, even if I have bought stuff that is apparently loaded with reconstituted fruit juice. Nothing beats today's effort, that's for sure...

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