Thursday, 11 November 2010

Migrating our vintage fabric inventory...interruptions to website categories

Well - we have now started the navigational changes to the website - the updated design and whole look will be after this part is complete.

We have started migrating our entire vintage fabric inventory on the website today - we are quite excited!

As our subscribers have known for some time, we have been working towards this website capability for at least six months. We realised after completing our market research just how differently people shop for, we've listened to what our customers want, and we're just about to deliver! We changed from an era based website to a design based website this year - but peeps wanted more choice!

Firstly - for those of you on speed-of-light internet, there will be a 'view all vintage fabric' link on the website. This search takes a little while to load as there are over 1000 individual pieces on the website at the moment, but it's well worth it for customers who are unsure what they want and simply want to browse.

Secondly, we have created four different collections for those of you who do know what you're after - whether it's be design, weight, fiber or era. As with our old website design (era based) people will now be able to easily search 30s and 40s fabrics or upholstery/drapery. You'll also be able to search just florals, if you wish. And if you're after a silk or a synthetic, then you can go to that collection, too.

This is going to be a tough job migrating all of our fabrics, but it is worth it (and necessary) for what we have in mind next year. What this means is that is the short term our website nav bar will be a little confusing, as we have to keep the old categories live in order to migrate the fabric. But as we complete a section we'll remove it from the website as soon as possible.

This is going to be an interesting few weeks - hard, but just so satisfying! And there is much more news to come in the following stand by, peeps!

As we change things we'll let you - and our subscribers know - as soon as possible. All new arrivals will be popped into the new collections, as well....ooohhhh errrrrrrr.....


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