Monday, 8 November 2010

This is such a good day I could woop woop with joy!


I like to be grateful when there is reason to be grateful - well, strike that, as I am grateful for life and how blessed I am. But I wanted to say how grateful I am for days like today - life is very good, but today has been wonderful! We have so many orders from so many lovely repea and new customers, people calling to say how much they love the fabrics, we've sold more pieces to an Australian TV show (can't name names!), our son got into the school we wanted him to get into, an event we're planning for to go live soonish is going full steam ahead and we're all well, healthy and oh so happy...

Thank you, Monday - thank you for giving us extra special days like this to make life even more golden than it normally is...


PS. Happy Monday everyone - I hope you're having an extra special day, too!

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