Thursday, 25 November 2010

It's the Greer Garson marathon



In the last couple of weeks we've enjoyed a small Greer Garson movie marathon. Firstly, we watched Random Harvest (oh, the gate!), then we were moved by Goodbye, Mr Chips and then last night we watched the wonderful Mrs Miniver. I am thinking Pride and Prejudice has to be next!

My Nan and Pop introduced me to 'old movies' when I was a youngster and I have loved them since. It was a gift they gave me, I think - one which I want to pass down to my boys. Just because movies are black and white and don't have special effects doesn't mean they're not wonderful.

PS. I loved Greer Garson so much as a teen I named my ginger tom after her - Garson. His fur was the same colour as her hair :)


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