Sunday, 30 May 2010

Are you happy with enough?

Percy in the piano room sunning himself....

I have been thinking about us ol' humans and why us ol' humans think us ol' humans are special. Apparently we rule the world and all that guff - you know, we don't walk on our hands, we can conceptualise, we don't pee in our food...that type of stuff. As a Buddhist, I am told a human form is the most special form as it brings me into closer contact with the Dharma - scripture. It is the best path for Nirvana.

I have been thinking lately about how difficult being a human is. We put so much pressure on ourselves. I think we're the only creatures that gather and keep for prolonged periods (excluding our shelter) - I am talking clothing, ornaments, plants etc. We gather and we gather and so many of us just don't seem happy and satisfied with their lives. I know the booby bird collects things - and beavers do, too - but those are shelters - does anyone know of another animal who collects just literally to collect?

Are we the only creatures who don't truly understand the meaning - the fundamental, true meaning - of the word enough. e n o u g h. When you have enough to live and be happy.

Are we the only creature who doesn't spend days upon days just living? When after you feed yourself, prepare for the short-term future (dinner and tomorrow) and you are warm and you have the correct clothing for your day - then the day is complete and you can rejoice and enjoy company and....just life?

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