Monday, 24 May 2010

Man...they were smaller back then, weren't they?

I am learning to accept I lead a very fortuitous life. For many reasons. For one - I don't have to rush off every morning for the 9-5pm timeslot. I am able to take the days at my pace and be my own boss. It is a blessing in life for me, I think - I sit back every now and then and think how lucky I am. I don't want to take it for granted - ever.

As I have a luxury of time I think I need to spend it wisely. That means not working all day, every day. That means taking quality time off, at whatever time of day, to spend it with my family and to live life. That means providing home cooked, nutritious meals for all my boys. That means quality time away from home, spending the days together, at a slower pace. We took the boys to Captain Cook's Cottage over the weekend. Logan was shocked at how small the house was - and how small everything was in it ("Mum - is that a single bed for two people?") - he also registered how united the house was with the garden, just like we're trying to do with our house. Lots of herbs and vegies growing outside the kitchen - lots of their own food to cook. Just like us, in 2010.

It didn't cost a lot to visit the cottage - just $14 or so. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap, informative day out - both the boys loved it and the eldest walked away with some important historical knowledge. We were also surrounded by the most beautiful park with millions of dried Autumn leaves on the grass just waiting to be tossed at your nearest loved one. So we tossed. And tossed. And tossed. And laughed.

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