Monday, 17 May 2010

Yes - I admit it - I wrestle with vintage fabric!

I am not one for wrestling with the youngsters. I have to say that is Justin's wrong - wrestle, wrestle with little boys is not my idea of fun. Especially since little boys are basically just as strong as me!

But I did do some wrestling exercise yesterday, let me say. I had to measure this beautiful bolt and then re-bolt it again. And that took some doing! There's more than 30m of gorgeous barkcloth on this bolt...I am hoping to book it in within the next 24 hours and get it up on ebay and the website ASAP...

I also have some lovely Swiss cotton to measure up and book in today - oh, there is so much more to come!


  1. Aren't Jacobean barkcloths wonderful!

  2. Yes - they are beautiful, Monique! Hope you had a lovely weekend...