Thursday, 27 May 2010

A thicker set will do us just fine...

I am struggling - I have to admit. This lurgy has hit all of us really hard and I am finding my working day is really short. Enough to get our orders done (thank you, lovely customers!), post a new fabric or two (ebay fabrics are lasting around an hour, at the moment - thank you, lovely ebay customers!), and work on our new ideas. I am thrilled with the start of our new Retro Age Vintage Fabric Lovers Clubs - so many subscribers already!

I am just about to purchase some starter culture to make our own yummy thick yoghurt at home. Yoghurt is a staple food around here - we use the EasiYo system, but I want to get more home-made than that. I read about this starter culture all the way back here and it hasn't left my brain since. That's saying something, as far as I am buy it, I must...

We're also still baking all of our own food - well, as much baking and cooking as we can do without having our own animals and chickens (yet). Next time I buy a big 50kg bag of strong bakers flour I'll keep track of how much our bread is now costing us. We're not even half way through the bag and I've been using it for five weeks to bake bread. It only cost $27 so I am thinking out usually $2-4 a loaf is now way under $1 a loaf - a great saving!

Before I go I wanted to say a huge thanks to two ladies whose blogs I follow - Retro Age was mentioned in their blogs this week - the mentions made my heart glow. Thank you to Living A Simple Life and the lovely Jhoanna of One Red Robin. I am truly honoured, ladies :) - if you want a good read about life and craftiness, visit their inspiring blogs!

Off to pack orders and catch up on emails...have a great Thursday!


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