Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I am living in the kitchen at the moment. I have become obsessed with providing my family with as much home made food as possible. Yesterday I cooked veal osso bucco for dinner (divine), with floaty mashed potato. I also baked two loaves of bread, 24 scones for treats and my favourite, banana cake. We are having beef goulash for dinner tonight (have to finish off that red wine somehow - I only cook with it, we don't drink it) and I hope to make my first ever upside-down pineapple pudding. Yum!

Lots to do today, including a visit to the doctors. We had some wonderful news yesterday - our little one had a normal lead reading and his iron is on the way up! Yay for red meat, I say - sorry vegetarians! If I could be a vegetarian I would be...but I love meat too much :(

Have a great day!


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