Thursday, 6 May 2010


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When I was younger and running around every bar and club in Melbourne doing lots of fun things, I was a complete night owl. I could stay up all night and not feel a thing the next day. I detested morning - even on normal days, I could sleep in 'til 10.30am without trying.

Now, at 36, I am a morning person. I achieve most in the morning and in the early afternoon. I find my body starting to wind down in the late afternoon as I relax and cook dinner, and by 8.30pm it's ready to sit and fully relax watching an episode of 'The Good Life'. I am trying to listen to my body more these days - it is the greatest gift we have and without it we wouldn't be here!

My favourite time of day is the morning and taking my first sip of vanilla coffee. The second favourite would be whenever my sons have a's pure bliss...

When do you work best?

I am off to do a lot with Retro Age today - although, I am fast realising, I can't do anywhere near as much as I want to in these tiny days. My aims today are to get a lot of new arrivals up to the website and ebay - it was great to get a sale on ebay yesterday - felt like old times!


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