Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cheap gorgeous vintage fabric

I have a day planned, like I normally do - although I just had to sidestep the plan by making two loaves of bread to prove in the fridge all day. We have been commercial breadless for two weeks now and I'm thoroughly enjoying providing my family with basic, non chemical preservative bread. No added anything. Just flour, salt, yeast and water. Done with love. Awwwww......

I aim to put a lot more fabric on ebay over the coming two days - the auctions will all be for 1m of fabric at super cheap prices - like the piece above! So, if you're eying off a fabric or two on the website and it's not in the sale section (which grows by the day - have you been there lately - a tonne of fabric on sale!) then keep an eye on the ebay auctions. They'll all be Buy It Now and Offer auctions. I worked it out last night - woo hoo!

We're off to Bunnings to buy up to finish our new wall in our courtyard, our new chicken coop (photos coming) and our cat run (photos coming). I am painting the all deep red with a dark chocolate trim. Sounds awful, but I think the mix works...I hope!

Lots more new arrivals today - and updating the website also continues. Can't wait 'til that part is done and I can concentrate on other coming Retro Age ideas!

Have a fab day - hope the sun shines for you!


PS. The birds are chirping and the sun is out - gosh, life is splended in simplicity sometimes!

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