Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Auction houses - the best vintage furniture!

We have been going to Kerleys Auction Rooms in Geelong for around 15 years. We started going there before we moved to the Surf Coast (we drove from Melbourne) - I used to love buying old jewellery and china. We try and get to Kerleys when we can - we like to view the stock on Monday before the auctions on Tuesday. This week's auction wasn't that good - but I thought I would show you some furniture they had for sale. Over the years this auction house has furnished our house!

I had to take a shot of these dolls - vintage dolls scare me to no extent...these included.

Lots of retro electonics - Justin loves this part of the auctions!

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  1. Ooh, that turntable looks a bit like mine, except it is probably working ;) Ahh, lovely stuff.
    One day, I'd love to get along to an Auction place..I think I'd probably go a little crazy though!