Friday, 28 May 2010

I am truly thankful for today - it's time to celebrate!

I am celebrating another year of life today. Up until this year I was all very meh about my birthday. "It's just another day...yeh, I am another year older....same ol', same ol'", but something clicked in my psyche in the year past. I thought I was an idiot for being so flippant about my birthday.

I realised it's not a day to lament getting older - it's a day to celebrate achieving an age.

I am so happy to turn 37 today. I am so very grateful for it. I feel wonderful (apart from the 'flu!), life is a blessing and I am thankful to achieve an age when so many people don't reach this time in their lives. I am going to celebrate all day!

PS. I know I don't put many pics up of me on this blog - I am a shy thing. But this is me, according to the six-year-old. It's my birthday card. Do you like my top?

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