Monday, 10 May 2010

Is your son an albino African Nicaraguan with purple & green hair?

I took some quick shots of the local auction house for you. I only took some quickies as people were looking at me all weird as I was taking photos! Perhaps they thought I was weird because I was taking photos was a camera vs a phone? My favourite is the Barsony lamp - I love her. I already have a lovely Barsony black lady lamp (please don't take offense - that's what they were/are actually called) and it is always pride of place in a room...

On the way back from the auction I popped into the local supermarket for some groceries. Everything was fine until Justin spied the 'Ginga Ninja' guy hawking some hot's their advertising campaign. That set Justin off for 10 minutes, as he is a redhead and so are our sons. I placated him - but he was still miffed. Lucky for me he was driving Gabriel around in the trolley when I was at the Checkout - as the girl, eyeing Gabriel from a distance - said "He's cute. Is he a ginge?". I felt like telling her that, no, actually - he was an albino Mexican with purple hair - but I didn't. I just glared at her and said "yes". However - next time someone says that to me regarding my sons I swear I'll say something to that effect....!!!

We think Logan would love this skeleton - it's so ugly!

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