Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The afternoon nap...

I don't mind telling you I am having an afternoon nap every day of late. Just before I cook the evening meal I take a breather on our modular and slowly drift off for 20 minutes or so. This is only a new thing - only the last month or so - and I am wondering if:

a) I need the afternoon nap because I am 36 and the 'ol body needs more rest
b) I need the afternoon nap as life is busy and the ol' body needs more rest
c) I need the afternoon nap to rejuvenate my whirring brain as the ol' brain needs more rest
d) I need the afternoon nap as it's my excuse to take time out from a very loud household (when does school return???)

I love afternoon siestas. They should be law, I think - like in Spain! Work, eat, sleep, work. Sounds wonderful to me!

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