Monday, 18 January 2010

David Thorne and the Easter Bunny

Grateful for: All of this rain we're currently getting. We had to turn the heater on when we got up this morning. I miss Summer days but gee this rain is good. And I am a Winter kind of gal.

Vent about: The bloody Easter eggs are out at my local supermarket. I don't know whether our six-year-old believes in the Easter bunny anymore, let alone getting the message of Good Friday/Easter Sunday across. How on earth can I convince him that a giant rabbit drops off replica Easter eggs?

Laughing with: Have you seen this wonderful site by David Thorne? If I ever need a laugh I just go and read one of his articles - his humour never ceases to tickle my funny bone. The Simon Edhouse one is my current favourite.

Hope you're had a great day, everyone - for those of you decluttering and doing your Spring clean (in Winter or Summer) keep going! We can finish this!

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