Tuesday, 26 January 2010

One Green Generation and lifestyle changes...


As you know I have many goals for 2010. Lots. Probably far too many. But I am determined to see them through and be the person I want to be, in a place I want to be and in a space I want to be.

One of our goals is to start afresh with a new herb garden and vegie patch. We want to be as self-sufficient as possible. That means also learning how to use basic household supplies like they did in decades past. Bicard for toothpaste. Vinegar for itchies. That type of thing.

One of my fave blogs is One Green Generation. Melinda's enthusiasm is so infectious and I greatly admire her drive to make this world a better place, one important step at a time. I am doing her '2010 dream challenge' (I am going to start writing each Friday) and I am finding her site an encyclopaedia of information for making a lifestyle change. Her latest website addition is Lifestyle Changes. There's lots of information there for us all to learn from!

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