Monday, 11 January 2010

Pure romance

Some fabrics are just pure romance, don't you think? Like the rayon blend above. I love it. We have had it for some time but I have never put it up for sale...ahem...yes, it was part of my 'stash' (that doesn't really exist) - it's just where I put the fabrics I love to covet.

It is now 11 January and I am still continuing with my NY resolutions - a first for me. Apparently 88% of us give up the resolutions by mid-February - not me! I am so proud of myself - things are being donated to charities, thrown away in the bin for landfill (if absolutely necessary), recycled or found its own special place in our house. I have continued to plan for the year and am ploughing through January like a maniac...

Lots more change to come for us this year. 2010 is still as exciting as what it was 11 days ago!

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