Saturday, 16 January 2010

The days that define us...

It has been a hard couple of days for us...well, not hard per se...but different and defining. Logan's first pet fish died today. Not the usual 'fish floating on the top of tank' death, but a 'fish got sucked up filter and survived for 24 hours in a bowl' death. We took care of Spotty for a day, hoping he would regain the movement of his tail and back area, but unfortunately he passed away this morning. He is now buried below our beloved magnolia tree, wrapped in a fetching green polka dot fabric and 1940s lace, as chosen by Logan. He said a few kind words at the funeral and then wrote a song...translated, it reads...

My fish died
He got stuck
I got sad
On Saturday he died.

Is he a poet in the making? Hopefully more Tennyson than Sylvia Plath, though.

We thought it was an interesting sequel to "My DS is died". Hopefully nothing else dies or gets sucked up in this fish tank...stand by.

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