Friday, 1 January 2010

I couldn't ask for a better start to 2010

Our lives don't totally revolve around our business. In fact, it's one of my NY resolutions to cut down internet time. I have a horrid habit of looking at every other site rather than working - Herald Sun, The Age, Facebook etc etc. I have found myself wasting far too many hours running around ye olde internet for no other reason than to do something. Crazy, I know. And such a waste of time. So - 2010 will be the year of streamlining internet and work. And turning off our laptops much, much more.

The business couldn't have started 2010 any better than with a note in the Shop Til You Drop mag as the place to buy vintage fabric on the internet. I was flicking through the magazine yesterday (it's what one does on those rare going to the supermarket by yourself outings) and spotted our little piece. I beamed. The lovely girls contacting us a couple of months back so I knew to look out for it...and we're in such great fabric company! Liberty, Modern Retro Textiles, the lovely Donna Flower, Always Mod and Duckcloth.

Yay for 2010! Now...if it could just keep going this way I'll be a very happy girl!

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