Monday, 4 January 2010

Yep - I'm doing it...

Justin's lovely sister lives in London and she always sends us some cute things for Christmas. My 2009 gift was a tiny leather bound notebook. At first I wondered what to do with it as I usually use giant journals - recipes? Life memories? But then a thought struck me - carry it around as a notebook! So simple I felt like a nong not having thought of it before - my journals are always home and never travel with me. This one now has at least 10 pages of notes - goals, reminders, motivational quotes. I love my little book. I open it when I have a second - just to keep me on top of things...

I opened up the book today and saw a goal of 'enrol in sewing classes'. So I rang the store straight away and signed up. Thank you for reminding me, little note book!

I am having a lovely affair with 1940s crepes and light rayons at the moment. I think it's because we've put some on the website recently and still have more to come, like the one pictured above. Isn't it just the most romantic shade of pale mint??

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  1. The collection is quite good...but sometimes the links take too long to open so a suggestion would be to upload lighter pictures for fast viewing,you are creative try some more ideas here.