Monday, 25 January 2010

Another great week - January, you have been fab!


I have had a wonderful start to 2010 - in fact, I couldn't have hoped for a better start. Perhaps winning Tattslotto would seal it...ahem...but, other than that, it's been a grand month.

I got a phone call today about sewing lessons and I think I am in! They start in early February, go for six weeks and the course comes with wonderful recommendations - one-on-one tuition to complete things you've always wanted to learn. I honestly can't wait! 'Tis not fair one's husband knows how to kick up a storm on a sewing machine and you don't...

I have got a goal list for January and, suprisingly. I have completed a lot of goals...and then there's a wad I haven't. I'm going to do as much as I can in this final week to ensure I give myself an 'end of January' pat on the back.

We have a big announcement on Thursday for all you vintage fabrics lovers out there - stay tuned and make sure you come back here then!

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