Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Trip to Melbourne Zoo


Today we went to the Melbourne Zoo. It was Logan's choice. He had the Zoo, Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, the Aquarium or Sovereign Hill to choose from. We thought he would hit on Sovereign Hill as he hasn't been before - but, no, the call of the animals took hold of off to the Melbourne Zoo we went...


Every time I go it gets better and better. Now the seal and penguin enclosure is open - and it's absolutely fabulous. Quite like the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum - lots of great sound, lights and (almost) interaction with the seals.

However, the highlights of the Zoo are in direct contrast to the enclosures that still have not been updated. When you pass great cats prowling small enclosures or birds in small aviaries it does make ones heart sink. There is no place in this world for animals in small spaces - if humankind must have zoos we have to ensure the animals are kept as wild as possible, like they are in the Werribee Zoo.

I have to admit a part of my heart was at the Fryerstown Antique Fair in Fryerstown. I wonder if there were any vintage fabric there? But, then again, I wouldn't have seen the faces of two boys running around the zoo for four hours, laughing their heads off at apes itching in very funny places, hippo bottoms hanging off rocks or at chomping giraffes as high as the sky. Perfect.

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