Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Things never cease to amaze me...old fashioned living

Due to the hot weather (and rain) we have mozzies harassing us at dusk. I am allergic to them and so is my eldest son. We thought we had put his armour on before going to bed but we hadn't, so an hour later he was up and scratching some 15 mozzie bites...and by that stage they were large, white tipped and quite nasty. I had some allergy medicine on hand but nothing to ease the itch bar some tea bags. But a quick search for natural remedies/mozzie bites brought up tonnes of home remedies.

Five minutes later and smelling of apple cider vinegar he got back into bed feeling much better. Yep -a dab of vinegar on the mozzie bite takes away the sting and itch (and the vinegar smell goes within minutes, too!)...

No need to buy those commercial products now :)

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