Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Vintage loving lady....Circa is looking for you, m'dear!

I have to admit I am still recovering from yesterday's haul. To get those 250 fabrics (and I got more bolts today - two are pictured in this post) I had to rifle through triple that amount. Heavy woollens, mostly - and I mean, heavy! I should get fit, I think. Maybe some exercise is called for in 2010??? Pfftt....

Have you seen the job of your dreams, yet? You should see Nicole's post about a part-time job at Circa. Seriously - if you love a vintage frock, want some part-time work and could easily work in the most amazing retail store...then this job is for you! Can you imagine working there??? A dream!!

Loving: The fact I have kept the NY resolution motivation going and I haven't disappointed myself - the dream is still there!
Need to vent about: Small minded people who think they are successful because they are higher up the corporate ladder than what you got to. Don't they get it, yet?
Grateful for: Time to play with play dough with my two-year old and having the best cuddle with the six-year old. These times won't be there forever - I realise that now more than ever. Also grateful to people who recommend Retro Age to people who are going through their family estate - thank you!


  1. Thank you for promoting my job ad! Applications close Saturday 16th so there is still time if anyone would like to join our wonderful team.

  2. 'Tis very much my pleasure, Nicole - I wish I lived closer to you...

    Best wishes with your applications - and have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hi ladies, it is my first post. I have over 400 bolts of vintage wools. Most from the historical Otterburn Tweed Mill. Other sensational wools from Ireland, France and England. I thought I would sell by the yard but I may be interested in selling the lot. I have lots of photos. Any advice from the vintage pros. Thanks Judy

  4. Hi Judy

    Wow! Your collection sounds wonderful. It may be different in the UK but wool sells best for us in smaller lengths - half metres or even fat quarters. That being said, it depends on how much time you'd prefer to spend selling your collection. Some of the collections we purchase are by 'lot' or by metre - dealers prefer lots as it just makes the sale easier whereas buyers (crafters etc) would prefer to purchase by the yardage or less...

    I hope this assists you!
    All the best