Tuesday, 19 January 2010


This lovely lady is always an inspiration. I love reading her blog - she inspires me to be a better person and live life in the now. This week Nichola did the No Impact Week and she has had something wonderful to say about the project every day. You can't help but ponder how to improve your life after you read her daily posts...

She even made her own bread! I am currently hunting down things to 'replace' in the every day - like making your own shampoo, washing soap etc...and I am determined to try this bread recipe. Have a look at her photo - don't you just want to jump into your computer and eat that bread??

I had such a productive day today it's a little scary! I have always fallen off the 'plan for a month' bandwagon but this time it feels so real it's almost not me! Lots more organised around the house, we're ready for our eldest to start grade 1 and I am continuing to upload lots of yummy fabric onto the website. The one above is a divine 5th Avenue imported linen and the sweet pink carnations is a lovely light cotton blend. More to come tomorrow!

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