Saturday, 9 January 2010

Peaceful work

One of my favourite jobs here at Retro Age is booking in the new arrivals. If you run a business you'll know what I mean about booking in - if you don't, booking in is when you log your purchase into your financials as a 'debit' (purchase) and attribute it a product number for easy trackability. Our product numbers list the fabric's purchase, inventory listing and sale. Good for the accountant! Today I booked in 40 fabrics - some photographed above. It makes for such peaceful work. I love working in silence, sometimes. When you run a household with kiddies silent time is truly golden. One of my favourite past times is still sitting in silence with my eyes shut, just contemplating the world....

One of my favourite lines I often repeat to myself (usually when I am going to bed) is 'rest, rest, perturbed spirit'. It's a wonderful line from Shakespeare's Hamlet, said by Hamlet to the ghost who visits him.

For me now - rest, rest, perturbed spirit...

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